1. Beaufort has completed a new short 'Ariadne' which is currently in post.

2. 'Burning Hearts' won the International Grand Prix at the Curtocircuito Film Festival in Spain.

3. The Emergency? Yeah! code was cracked by Andrew Johnston of NSW. He won the $100 Amazon Voucher.

4. Beaufort will cease all music production in 2014.


'Emergency? Yeah!' is in it's 3rd Edition, and to celebrate, Beaufort is giving away a $100 Amazon voucher! The first person to successfully crack the code and decipher the secret section at the back of the book will win a $100 Amazon Voucher.

HOW TO ENTER: Buy the book here and follow the instructions in the hidden code!


'Emergency? Yeah!' won best in Fiction at the Woollahra Local Writer's Word Festivalin Sydney, Australia.

The competition is for self-published books.

Short Film
Mid-Length Feature

The Tiger DVD set includes rehearsal footage, deleted scenes, stills gallery, a separate soundtrack inspired by the film and a mobile version with Japanese subs.

Short Film

A book of 23 short stories.

Buy it below on Amazon.

Read a sample story first - "Halcyon Days: Part 1" here on PDF, Ebook or MOBI.

Secret Section

Clue #1 - cross-match the Key at the back with the design on the cover. You'll see there are 26 objects that relate to the letters of the alphabet. This one below is Z.