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We have a new album available - it's called 'Cinehearts' and is a collection of instrumentals made over the last five years for films, including Tiger, Burning Hearts and Ariadne. The album is free to stream on Soundcloud and available to buy on Bandcamp.


We have a new Soundcloud playlist called 'Interviews' and so far it features three tracks:

1) A 3-hour interview with Oscar-winning Quebecoise director Denys Arcand, conducted by James McFay.

2) An interview about Burning Hearts with James McFay by Raymond Kouguell for Voice Of America, 'Focus on Asia'.

3) The Indonesian translation of the Voice Of America interview, for the Indonesian service.

A collection of instrumentals from film and video works of the last five years. Buy the collection here on Bandcamp or stream below.


Recordings, mostly stuff made for film soundtracks. Everything can be downloaded with the button on the player.


A book of 23 short stories.

Buy it below on Amazon.

Read a sample story first - "Halcyon Days: Part 1" here on PDF, Ebook or MOBI.

Secret Section

Clue #1 - cross-match the Key at the back with the design on the cover. You'll see there are 26 objects that relate to the letters of the alphabet. This one below is Z.